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Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

1. Uninsured Motorist Insurance and Pedestrians
Did you know you may be protected by your uninsured motorist coverage if you are struck by a car while crossing the street? Depending on your policy you may be able to file a claim if you are injured by an uninsured or under-insured driver while you are a pedestrian. Where this applies, it's one of the incentives for signing up for uninsured driver coverage. Many people forget they have this protection because they don't associate walking with their car insurance. Don't assume your health insurance should bear the brunt of your medical bills in such an accident -- you could be entitled to your full coverage amount.

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Learn more about the protections offered you as a pedestrian on your insurance policy and any exclusions which may apply. As with any claim, be sure to file your police report first then report the accident to your insurance agency complete with a police report number.

2. Am I Covered for a Hit-and-Run?
Check the terms of your uninsured motorist policy very carefully to learn the claim procedures for hit-and-run accidents. Due to insurance fraud, these claims may be scrutinized more carefully before claims are approved. Never leave the scene of a hit-and-run accident, file a police report immediately and locate any witnesses who can corroborate your claim.

Your uninsured motorist coverage may offer you the usual lost wages, hospital bills and property damage. The terms of your policy may exclude punitive damages and you may be required to pay the deductible if the hit-and-run driver can't be identified. It's very important to try to get a licence plate number or other identifying information from a hit-and-run accident. Those who don't carry uninsured motorist coverage in hit-and-run cases are often left with no compensation at all unless they can track down the driver and take them to court. This scenario is another important reason to protect yourself with the right policy in cases of uninsured motorist liability for an accident.

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