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What is Proof of Insurance?

Proof of insurance is any type of official documentation that a person can provide to another which shows evidence of that the person having valid insurance with an insurance company. Such evidence, or proof of car insurance in this case, typically lists the following eight (8) key pieces of information:

  1. The First Named Insured (and possibly other drivers covered)
  2. The First Named Insured's address
  3. The Car's year, make, model, and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  4. The Name of the Insurance Company
  5. The Insurance Company's official NAIC or State Registration Number
  6. The Policy number
  7. The Policy effective date and the policy expiration date
  8. Toll-free Telephone number for filing auto accident claims

The most common form of proof of insurance is a paper ID card provided by the insurance company listing policy information and effective dates as outlined above.

Many states require that a person carry proof of insurance in their car or on their person while driving. If a person is stopped by law enforcement, they must typically provide official proof of insurance. A citation is generally issued if the person cannot provide such documentation. See our State Car Insurance Requirements page here for more detailed information on what your state may require.

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