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5 Money Saving Tips On Car Rentals
From Instant Car Insurance

When planning your next vacation, keep in mind there are several ways to save money on car rentals.  And with car insurance premiums and fuel costs rising, car rental agencies are looking for ways to pass along those costs to the consumer.  Here are a few tips to help you avoid getting taken for a ride.

  1. Seek out smaller car rental companies.  Check with your hotel for near by small car rental companies.  Also, websites like CarRentals.com and CarRentalExpress.com can help you locate independent car rental companies which often save a lot of money off of your car rental bill.

  2. Never buy the pre-paid tank of gas.  It sounds like a good idea because it can save you time, but will it save you money?  Not even if you use the last drop of gas which will likely leave you stranded on the road somewhere, will it save you money.  Realistically, you will leave gas in the tank giving the rental car company free gas.  Would they ever give you free gas?  No. Exactly.  So don't do it.

  3. On the flip side, always return the car with a full tank or expect to pay 2-3 times the normal amount. That's quite a mark-up!

  4. Ask for a discount.  Car rental companies often have arranged group discounts for members of AAA, the Auto Club, Costco, AARP, RCI, and other groups.

  5. Book the smallest car you can tolerate.  Why?  Consumer Reports says you will often receive a free upgrade because that is what most car rental agencies have in stock and run out of first.

Lastly, be sure to inspect the car for nicks and dents with an agent so you will not be charged for damages you did not cause.

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