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Receive up to 5 of the cheapest quotes from 15 top name car insurance companies at once, plus the ability to buy and print your new car insurance policy online. No Broker Fees, Ever!
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"I just saved $551 here on my car insurance!"
Ruth C.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Get instant car insurance quotes. Then buy your auto policy Online Directly from the insurance company you choose.
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 More about Instant Car Insurance

What services does Instant Car Insurance offer?
InstantCarInsurance.com offers a simpler way of shopping for affordable auto insurance by providing fast online car insurance quotes, discount auto insurance rates, and down right cheap car insurance policies to help lower your bills, simply by completing one simple application. We also offer State specific car insurance related news and information that helps you with State specific question you might have about auto insurance rates and policies in the following states.  AL - Alabama, AK - Alaska, AR - Arkansas, AZ - Arizona, CA - California, CO - Colorado, CT - Connecticut, DE - Delaware, DC - District of Columbia, FL - Florida, GA - Georgia, HI - Hawaii, ID - Idaho, IL - Illinois, IN - Indiana, IA - Iowa, KS - Kansas, KY - Kentucky, LA - Louisiana, ME - Maine, MD - Maryland, MA - Massachusetts, MI - Michigan, MN - Minnesota, MS - Mississippi, MO - Missouri, MT - Montana, NE - Nebraska, NV - Nevada, NH - New Hampshire, NJ - New Jersey, NM - New Mexico, NY - New York, NC - North Carolina, ND - North Dakota, OH - Ohio, OK - Oklahoma, OR - Oregon, PA - Pennsylvania, RI - Rhode Island, SC - South Carolina, SD - South Dakota, TN - Tennessee, TX - Texas, UT - Utah, VT - Vermont, VA - Virginia, WA - Washington, WV - West Virginia, WI - Wisconsin, WY - Wyoming

Must I fill out a long, time consuming application to get a quote?
No. There is an online application you complete but it only takes a couple of minutes to finish.

Will I get more than one auto insurance quote after I fill out the application?
Yes. We will display the cheapest 5 quotes from a list of 15 top rated car insurance companies that you will be instantly shopping.

What if I just want quotes and don't have time to buy it now?
Your insurance quotes are automatically emailed to you with quick links back for your convenience later. But the best part is, no pushy sales people! You manage it all online yourself.

Can I actually purchase the policy online?
Yes! All 15 insurance companies are setup to accept payment online.

Can I get Proof of Insurance right away if I buy online?
Absolutely yes! Proof or evidence of insurance is always included in your documents when you buy your auto insurance policy online here. You may print off your ID cards the moment your credit card payment is approved.

Instant Car Insurance Quotes Online From Multiple Insurance Carriers!
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